You Must Hear His Story: Man Builds an Empire from Nothing

Jun 25, 2017 AT 11:24 AM | BY ZebrasWallet

You Must Hear His Story- Man Builds an Empire from Nothing

Once in a while a person is born who perseveres against all odds. These stories serve as a reminder to the rest of us: becoming successful is not a privilege, it’s a right — and all of us can claim this opportunity if we dedicate ourselves to it.

One great example of a self-made man is a recent example of Surinder Arora. At 58 years old, he became a millionaire entirely from scratch. What’s his secret?

Well, he started working at a very young age, and ever since his first job he was an opportunist. He came up with the passion for the business of hotels while working at a hotel himself, a job that followed his previous experience as a wine waiter. Thanks to this experience he’s quite the opposite to typical billionaires you hear about, but his story reveals just how determined he was to get to where he is.

He started his empire with a small patch of land and secured a loan from the bank to build a hotel on it. It was a challenge in itself, but he succeeded: he became the owner of 320-room hotel both earlier than planned and under budget.

But he didn’t just leave the hotel to its own devices — he was at his own property seven days a week, ensuring everything is as smooth as possible. He knew that the people needed management as much as they needed motivation, and he was there to bring both to the workplace. Finding experienced managers was another brilliant decision made by Arora.

He was one of the businesses that were directly affected by the 9/11 tragedy. He took it upon himself to find ways to bring corporate business from overseas to continue using his services. Another great challenge awaited him in the 2008, when the world went through the housing crisis — not only did Arora personally go $30 million into debt, his properties devalued by as much as $90 million.

Surinder Arora says that really strong people show their strength not when they’re at the very top, standing there after achieving so much, but when they’re down at their lowest, when they have to deal with families of employees and unity is needed more than ever.

Surinder Arora is a true inspiration for any entrepreneurial spirit as well as to just about any individual — he didn’t hear a “no”, he didn’t see barriers, he saw his goals and he moved towards them with cool confidence.

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