From Homeless to Millionaire — One Woman's Inspirational Story

Jun 25, 2017 AT 11:19 AM | BY ZebrasWallet

From Homeless to Millionaire — One Woman's Inspirational Story

Sometimes we have to accept that whoever were just a moment ago doesn’t have to define us, and it shouldn’t hinder who we are striving to become. Letting go should be one of the goals of anyone who wants to become successful.

Dani Johnson is one of the best examples of this: in an inspirational display of willpower, she went from being homeless and barely making ends meet while also struggling with drug problems to a successful businesswoman.

At the age of 21, Dani Johnson was working as a cocktail waitress in the state of Hawaii. She had overbearing debt of more than $35,000, she lived in her car and had various psychological issues as well as cocaine habit. After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, she decided to turn everything around.

She claims she realized she was no better than her abusive family, she decided instead to make a plan on how to become a better person and not a burden on society, world and herself.

First one of her goals was acquiring a home. She calculated that she needed around $4,500 to afford an apartment, but as her income was very unstable and mostly reliant on tips, it would have taken at least four months to accumulate that amount of money. The island was just too costly to live in, but she couldn’t figure out a way to leave it.

Then she accidentally saw a weight loss program lying in her car. She got the idea of selling the service in the island, and even though Johnson initially felt disgusted with the idea, she realized, it was not not worse than where she was now. She used a phone to call the manufacturing company and ask what she needed to do to become a licensed carrier of the product.

She then made a flyer by herself, and built up a contact with a guy from the telecommunications company who got her a personal voicemail. Her flyer became wildly successful — in just a few hours she received more than 25 calls after hanging them up. Just from that clientele, she was able to cash out $4,000. She then contacted the company, and agreed to have a new shipment of product sent to her.

In just the first year, she became the face of the weight loss program, and was a millionaire by the second year, who went on to open 18 weight loss centers on her own. In 1996, she sold off her business and became a multi-millionaire, like a true inspiration.

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