Groom Sends Bride A Letter About Their ‘Child’ And She Breaks Down Moments Before Wedding

Jun 25, 2017 AT 11:46 AM | BY ZebrasWallet


The couple you’re about to meet, Lane and Kim, already shared a child together before their marriage. Not a child of their own, but rather a furry child — their beloved dog “Charlie Monster.”

The Australian shepherd was found by Lane one day at a gas station. He rescued him and gave him a forever home long before marriage was around the corner.

That doesn’t mean that Charlie didn’t become a part of their relationship. He did! The couple took Charlie on hikes and cuddled him, and everything in between.

Unfortunately, Charlie passed away in 2014, two years before the wedding day. The couple was clearly devastated, but Kim had no idea Lane had a surprise that involved their beloved late dog that would come to her on their big day.

The video below captures the moment that this wonderful surprise unfolds. Kim is given a heartfelt letter from Lane that describes their heartbreak when Charlie passed and the excitement that he now has in giving her their second “child.

Yes, that’s right! He surprises her with a puppy on her wedding day — another beautiful dog — along with a beautiful message. I think this bride’s wedding day becomes the best day of her life before she even makes it down the aisle!

Don’t you agree after hearing her read this letter and seeing the emotions she can’t control?

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