How a 67 Years Old Grandma Feels 15 Years Younger

Jul 4, 2017 AT 07:40 AM | BY ZebrasWallet

Aging can be a difficult and at first glance irreversible process, but as Anna from Minneapolis has proven, it does not have to be so.

As a divorced and retired high school teacher, Anna did look and feel her 67 years. Her stressful job and messy divorce showed on her body. As she said, you could read her story if you look close enough.

One day Anna went on the routine grocery shopping and on her way she saw a deep green dress, which looked exactly as the one she wore 15 years ago to their 30 years wedding anniversary with her, now ex-husband. A simple dress reminded her of the happy life she had and that was the moment she made a decision. She could no longer feel sorry for her self and justify the miserable grandma she has become.

Same day she got rid off all the cigarettes she had laying all over her house. She aired the windows and got rid of all the ashtrays she had. She pour down the sink all the liquor she had at home. Anna said she felt like she had this insane amount of energy to change, to get rid of everything that was not her but for some reason started defining her.

She started a day with a 2km jog that seemed like forever. Later in the day drove to charity all the cloths that made her look like a grandma. Anna said she felt the need to breath and for that she needed the space.

Today, 6 moths later, Anna has not had a single smoke or drink. She runs 5km three times a week, attends dancing classes and cooks heathy meals. Anna giggles saying she feels 15 years younger and with a faint blush admits that her ex-husband is coming for a dinner the next day.

One moment is all that it took for Anna to change her life around, has your moment come?

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