Woman Becomes a Millionaire by the Age of 21 — Here's Her Story

Jun 25, 2017 AT 11:22 AM | BY ZebrasWallet

Woman Becomes a Millionaire by the Age of 21 — Here's Her Story

Becoming successful is just the matter of connecting the dots of a) something people want, and b) something people aren’t getting their way. There are many important factors in achieving success, but this is an absolutely fundamental rule.

Kristina Bazan is one of the great examples of how to achieve success in the modern world. She has more than 2.4 million Instagram followers, she’s constantly collaborating with the likes of Vogue, even going as far as appearing on the cover of Vogue Portugal recently, and she was included in the Forbes’ famous list 30 Under 30. She also recently signed a multi-million dollar contract with L’Oreal Paris, following in the footsteps of such household names as Jullianne Moore, Naomi Watts and Blake Lively. And she’s just 23 years old. What’s her story?

She became famous and successful without even leaving her home. Kristina started out as a blogger! She never expected that her blog Kayture would amass such a massive following, but over the course of 5 years she proved that you can achieve anything if you know what you’re doing.

Kristina says that she never intended to achieve true success through blogging, but she went with it. Her initial intention was to use the blog as a creative outlet, and to maintain and improve her skills as a writer.

Although she shuns the label “blogger”, she still accepts that’s what her main line of work is. However, in her own words, it’s not as simple as creating a blog at a click of a button. You have to have something to say, you have to have a statement to make, a vision to share, all of these are required to successfully change perception of people and to entice them to come back.

Although Kristina was a total newcomer in the field of fashion, but she used it to her advantage. She believes that people were interested to see things from a talented fresh point of view. Furthermore, she wasn’t growing up in a rich household, so she had no experience with designer fashion. This helped her connect with her readers in a special way, showing that if you have the willpower, the talent and the motivation to do something, you can do it even if you’re a newcomer in the field.

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